Inštitut dr. Jožeta Pučnika

Inštitut dr. Jožeta Pučnika

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  • Address :
    Hribarjevo Nabrezje 13
    1000 Ljubljana
  • Address :
    Hribarjevo Nabrezje 13
    1000 Ljubljana
  • Phone : +386 1 425 30 88
  • Fax : +386 1 425 30 89
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The Jože Pučnik Institute (IJP) was founded in 2006 as a think-tank of scientists, policymakers, experts and academics from various fields with the goal of enhancing political culture in Slovenia. With its activities the IJP wishes to encourage and support free exchange of opinions on topical questions in society which are important for development of democratic thought.

In accordance with the political thinking and work of Dr Jože Pučnik, the IJP strives for:

  • Implementation of high standards of political culture in Slovenia,

  • Democratic and open society,

  • A society of Slovenian and European values,

  • Tolerance and understanding in public life,

  • Enhancement of plural cultural and scientific creativity,

  • Cooperation with the like-minded political, cultural and scientific groups and individuals in Europe and around the world joined together by the principles of the society of democracy, openness and solidarity.

In order to reach these goals the IJP carries out the following activities:

  • Organization of public debates and other forms of exchange of opinion,

  • Providing expertise on topical political and social issues,

  • Education and training of policymakers and public servants,

  • Supporting scientific and cultural creativity,

  • Encouraging political dialogue of various opinions on relevant themes at public events, in various publications and in media,

  • International connections and exchanges.

The Jože Pučnik Institute is mainly interested in democracy promotion, civil society building, EU Affairs and economic issues as well as more general topics in the fields of culture and society.

The Jože Pučnik Institute is a member of different international networks, and organizations: ENoP, Centre for European Studies, European Ideas Network and Stockholm Network.