Grüne Bildungswerkstatt

Grüne Bildungswerkstatt

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    Bundesbüro der Grünen Bildungswerkstatt
    Rooseveltplatz 4-5
    1090 Wien
  • Address :
    Bundesbüro der Grünen Bildungswerkstatt
    Rooseveltplatz 4-5
    1090 Wien
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Our History
In the 70´s the decision was made in Austria to followthe German way to introduce a law allowing political parties to providestate-financed political education to the public. The objective was to preventnationalistic and intolerant tendencies and to improve democratic discussion. 

Our Legal Basis
Every party in the Austrian Parliament has the rightto nominate a Non-Profit-Organisation commissioned to provide politicaleducation. Its tasks are defined by law its work and budget are strictlycontrolled by the financial court.

Our Budget
The foundation receives approximately 1,700 000 €annually from the state, depending on the number of MPs. An additional fundingis possible by cooperating with partners and running EU-programs.

Our Organisation
There is a regional foundation in every of the 9federal states and an additional one more for recognized ethic groups andmigrants. We thereby differentiate ourselves from all other politicalfoundations in Austria. The umbrella foundation is responsible forAustrian-wide coordination, central projects and control within the foundation.

Our Tasks
-      To bring people to politics
-      To develop politicalprogrammes
-      To provide training forpoliticians
-      To connect politicians withNGOs
-      To publish and providepolitical books and information material
-      To promote green politics onthe internet and through E-learning
-      To organise public events,discussions etc.

The foundation and the Greens
The Green Foundation and the Green Party cooperatethrough their boards on a federal and regional level. Together we provide greeneducation, training and workshops based on the needs of the Greens. Thefoundation is a platform for addressing fundamental political questions and avehicle to encourage the inclusion of current issues of common concern inprogram development.

The foundation and Society
The foundation is an important link between people andpolitics and a partner for numerous politically independent NGOs

International Acivities
Part of the funding we receive is reserved by law forinternational projects which address international themes on a national levelas well as international cooperation. Our partners include the Green EuropeanFoundation and Heinrich Boell Foundation. Futhermore we organise localcross-boder networking with Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Aim of our Work
The aim of our work is to encourage more people toengage in politics and to promote Green ideas to a bigger public for thebenefit of all.