• Party Family :
  • Address :
    Zvonárska 21
    040 01 Kosice
  • Address :
    Zvonárska 21
    040 01 Kosice
  • Phone : +421 55 6250142
  • Fax : +421 55 6250142
  • Internet : www.feman.sk

Presentation and status

The FEMAN Association was founded in 2000 as a non-profit civil association aimed at people interested in different cultures and issues of European nations and nationalities mostly in Eastern Europe and Western Ukraine.
FEMAN organizes cultural events, seminars, workshops, festivals, exhibitions, congresses, lectures, courses, sports events, language camps and other events aimed at differet cultural nations and nationalities living in Europe.
With its activities the FEMAN Association wishes to encourage and support free exchange of opinions on topical questions in society which are important for development of democratic thinking and democratic surroundings as well as opinions on operations of European Union and European institutions.
The FEMAN Association is an independent organization with close relations with the Slovak Democratic Christian Union, Christian Democratic Movement, both members of the EPP.
The FEMAN Association is not a party foundation but it is closely linked to the Hanns Seidel Foundation (representing Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia), linked to the European People’s Party. The FEMAN Association provides services of counselling, education and training for the public administration in cooperation with Foundation Democracy. It also carries out a number of international activities and promotes discussion on different political issues as well as more general subjects of society and culture.
The acronym of FEMAN consists of Festival of European Minorites and Nationalities. In accordance with its goal the FEMAN strives for:

  • Implementation of high standards of the European political culture in Slovakia, in particular in Eastern Slovakia and Schengen issues

  • Democratic and open society,

  • A society of Slovak and European values,

  • Tolerance and understanding in public life,

  • Enhancement of plural cultural and academic creativity,

  • Stabilization of Europe with the enlargement of the European Union and with the support of democratic forces in the accession process – towards Ukraine,

  • For cooperation with the political, cultural and scientific groups and individuals in Europe and around the world joined together by the principles of the society of democracy, openness and solidarity.

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